While each of our speakers bring their own unique personality, humor, biblical texts, stories and challenges to each message, the guide below is meant to give you the major ideas and content for some of our past messages. 

The Biblical Basis of Missions

- See the plan of God unfolding from Genesis to Revelation – the redemption of all nations.
- Hear the whole Bible distilled down into one story with an introduction, a plot, and a conclusion.
- Understand missions as the fundamental theme in scripture and not just at peripheral issue.
- Gain a solid foundation on which to build a heart for the world.

History of Missions

- Be inspired by the lives of key men and women who have been used by God over the past three hundred years.
- Watch the transition as historically we have moved from seeing the world as nations to people groups.
- Understand how God has used normal people with real obstacles and excuses to impact the world for His Kingdom.

The Task Remaining

- See the remaining task of missions in the world. This includes a closer look at the 10-40 window.
- Understand the basic beliefs in Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Chinese and Tribal religions.
- View the world from a new perspective: reached and unreached people groups.

World Christian Habits

- See missions as more than overseas work – everyone has a part to play. We will look at ways to be involved daily through praying, giving, mobilizing, and reaching internationals.
- Explore the other side of missions. Be equipped with easy application points to live out a world Christian lifestyle.
- Come away ready to challenge others to gain a heart for the world.

Salvation in a Changing World

- Hear the key reasons for the shift from Jesus as the only way to the misconception of Jesus as just a way.
- Understand the key thoughts in Pluralism and Inclusivism in order to strengthen our faith in the exclusivity of Jesus for salvation.
- Learn principles for strategic interaction with other world religions while staying grounded in the truth of God’s Word. 

Mobilization: The Why and the How 

- See the power and influence of the vital role of mobilization.
- Get equipped with three easy ways to mobilize your community.
- Learn the practical skills every mobilizer needs to know to be effective. 

From Obstacles and Excuses to Involvement 

- Every great intention is met with obstacles. Pinpoint key issues that have sidelined thousands from involvement in God’s Kingdom work.
- See what the Bible says about the call, family, debt, relationships, the needs here and support raising.
- Gain confidence from stories of others who have overcome similar obstacles and excuses. 

Introduction to Islam 

- Learn an overview of Islam; the religion that one in four people alive observe.
- See what the Quran says about Jesus, the Bible and salvation.
- Understand the differences and similarities between Islam and Christianity and gain tools to reach out to the Muslims around us. 

Introduction to Hinduism 

- Hear an overview of Hinduism and begin to grasp the gods of India.
- Increase your awareness of the Hindu holy books and how they view the afterlife.
- Hear inspiring stories of Christian missionaries who have taken the gospel to the Hindu world. 

Introduction to Buddhism 

- Learn an overview of Buddhism and why this philosophy denies the existence of god and the soul.
- Gain an awareness of the founder and the beliefs that drove him.
- Hear how Buddhism went from a small band of followers to a major world religion. Get practical tips for reaching out to Buddhists. 

China: Mission Field or Mission Force? 

- Understand the philosophies that create the spiritual and cultural context of the Chinese world.
- Track the growth of the Chinese church, the persecution it endured and where it is today.
- Understand how the Chinese world is not only a mission field but also a mission force. 

Theological Understanding of Missions 

- See the unfolding plan of God in calling out Israel to reach all nations.
- Follow Israel’s digression as they begin to love the blessing more than the Blesser.
- Watch the formation of the Church of God and learn the reason there is a Church at all. 

The Global Church and Where We Fit 

- See the emergence of the global Church and understand the meaning of the term “Global South.”
- Learn where the western Church currently fits in the grand plan of reaching the nations.
- Track the expansion of Christianity from the book of Acts to today. 

History of Students in Missions

- Be inspired by how God has used college students in the past.
- Unlock the historical treasure of what God has done through the Student Volunteer Movement and see the incredible worldwide missional influence of young adults.
- Understand the primary principles necessary for today’s campuses to be affected.


- Understand the difference between who Jesus is as compared to the founders of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism
- Learn how Jesus was unique from other religious leaders in what He said and how he lived
- Be encouraged and equipped to share your faith with people of other religions around you.


- See the power and influence of the Gospel as it left Jerusalem and spread over the next 2000 years. 
- Learn how God used men like St. Patrick to revitalize Christianity.
- Understand how God uses normal people with obstacles and excuses to impact the world. 


- Hear new insights from the five Great Commission texts Jesus gave.
- Dive more deeply into the chronology, location and significance of each individual commission as they relate to each other.
- Gain clear understanding at what Jesus wants His church to do as they are spreading His Gospel to all nations.