In This Generation
By Todd Ahrend


They changed the world …and so can we! Todd Ahrend takes you on a journey into the greatest missions movement in history. For anyone today who longs for the evangelization of the world, this is the place to begin. The lessons learned from the historic Student Volunteer Movement provide a priceless well of wisdom and practical methods that God’s church can drink from once again. To reach the world for Christ in THIS generation, look to those who almost accomplished it in their own.

“This is the book we have be waiting for.  May it be the spark which lights a new flame of mobilization around the world.

Timothy C. Tennent, President, Asbury Theological Seminary


“One of the most remarkable and least recognized movements in history was the Student Volunteer Movement. Ultimately 20,000 of America’s ‘best and brightest’ scattered across the globe in response to the compelling vision they’d discovered in the Scriptures.  Todd Ahrend unveils the powerful secrets of the S.V.M., renews the call in today’s generation and points the way forward for God’s world changers.”

Steve Richardson, President, Pioneers – U.S.A. 

It's All Backward

Almost all the direction you have been given to discover your calling in life is backward. 

You don't make a reliable guide for yourself so why start with yourself to find your purpose? To live for the things that will last forever, start with someone who is everlasting and then discover how to live life backward.

Live Life on Purpose
By Claude Hickman


Your life only makes sense in the context of God’s plan to finish the Great Commission. God has given us the direction we need to make our lives count and leave our mark on eternity. When we find it, we move from merely existing to truly living life on purpose.

“A prophet to his own generation, Claude points his readers to the true North Star and challenges them to a journey that will make a world of difference.” 
- Bill Jones:  President CIU

“Claude has captured the global context of God’s mandate given to every follower of Christ, and has clearly articulated His truth to an audience that is paramount in the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom to the ends of the earth…” 
- Jeff Lewis

The Abrahamic Revolution
By Todd Ahrend


God set His mission into motion when He invited Abraham to lay down his plans for a greater plan – a global plan. Abraham’s life was revolutionized! He became the first in a historic line who stepped out to follow God in reaching the nations.
Todd Ahrend helps us understand the missional theme of God’s Word, the task remaining in God’s world, and our calling to God’s work. God’s purpose is one, continuous and all-encompassing movement to redeem people from every tribe, tongue and nation.
You are invited to join the legacy that began with Abraham and will end in God’s global glory. Join the Abrahamic Revolution!


“In this book, Todd Ahrend has done a great job of showing the earlier initiation of God's plan for the nations and tracing its development through scripture all the way to its culmination in Revelation. Readers are going to discover that Mission cannot be just a hobby horse of a few interested people, it’s the theme of the Bible and a part of every believer's responsibility.”

Dr. Mike Pocock, Senior Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary


“Todd Ahrend has issued a call from God to put away the petty, distracted and often self-serving brand of Christian faith that sees Jesus as the One who assists us towards self-fulfillment.  Instead, The Abrahamic Revolution is a call towards the life-changing, world-changing Mission of God.  Every reader will finish this book with a greater sense of where he or she fits in the global, eternal purposes of God.”   

Dr. Paul Borthwick, International Mobilizer and author of How to Be a World-Class Christian.


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